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Horizon DaaS 9.0.1 upgrade

9.0.1, DaaS

Horizon DaaS 9.0.1 upgrade

This week Horizon DaaS 9.0.1 hotfix has been released. With this release, Horizon DaaS is a step closer to aligning with Horizon Cloud 20.2.0. The hotfix is available for download on My VMware. This version includes the following:

  • Enhanced installation functionality, including new automation for domain bind and compute assignment.
  • Support for Horizon Agent Installer (HAI) 20.3.
    • Adds Horizon Agent 7.13 capabilities.
    • Microsoft Teams plug-in support.
  • Security fixes for issues found in Horizon DaaS 9.0.0.
  • Deleting a virtual machine with a canceled pool expansion task failed.
  • Power operations are not supported for utility VMs.
  • Daylight Saving Time issue on Utilization Report.
  • Triple nesting in AD groups is not handled properly.
  • The API desktopmanagersbydatacenter is taking too long to respond.
  • Tenant desktop capacity quota edit failure.
  • Compute resource edit failure.

Full release notes can be found here: Horizon DaaS 9.0.x Release Notes

In this post I will explain how to install this hotfix using the HVM (Horizon Version Manager) appliance.


Please make sure that before you begin back-ups of the appliances are verified and tested.

Upload hotfix files

First, we need to upload the hotfix files towards one of the Appliances. I choose the HVM appliance. Uploading can be done by using WinSCP. Because you need to provide the path towards the Hotfix file you can upload the files anywhere as long as you have the proper permissions in that location. I choose for /tmp.

Copy the following files:

  • dt-platform-20_2_0-update01_TA-DM.tgz
  • dt-platform-20_2_0-update01_SP-RM.tgz

After the upload we need to make the hotfix files available in the Rundeck GUI.

Horizon DaaS Artifact Upload

Login to the Horizon Version Manager Rundeck GUI via the URL: https://<HVM IP>:4443 with username Rundeck and the password provided during OVA deployment.

Select Horizon-DaaS-Artifact -Upload

And select Upload Artifacts to Horizon Version Manager.

The following values need to be filled in:

Artifact-TypeSelect artifact type: Hotfixes or Install-Upgrade
FileAbsolute Path (UNIX) towards the update files. Multiple files are possible
IP-AddressIP Address of the local machine from where files are being uploaded
User-NameUser which exists on the local machine
User-PasswordPassword for the local user

Click Run Job Now.

Horizon DaaS HotFix Management

To double check if the hotfixes are now available go to Horizon-DaaS-HotFix-Management in the Rundeck GUI and click on job 1. Refresh Hotfix List than click on Run Job Now. The available Hotfixes will be shown.

Apply Hotfix to DaaS Management Appliances

Once the Hotfixes are available we can start to install them. In the Rundeck GUI go to Horizon DaaS HotFix Management menu and click on job 3. Apply Hotfix to DaaS Appliances. To following values need to be filled in

ServiceProvider-IPProvide the IP/FQDN of the primary Service Provider appliance
ServiceProvider Appliance passwordService Provider appliance password for the Desktone user
Domain-NameNetBIOS name of the domain to which the SP is bound
Domain-UserDomain User Account
Domain-PasswordPassword for the Domain User
Org-DaaS-VersionSelect the DaaS version of the ORG for which the Hotfix will be applied
HotfixSelect the correct Hotfix from the list
ForceChoose to force the installation
Org-IDsChoose the ORG ID you want to update. 1000 for the Service Provider ORG and 1001 and up for tenant environments

Click Run Job Now.

Apply Hotfix to DaaS Tenant Appliances

For the tenant Appliances, you can repeat the same steps as above. However, you will need to choose the dt-platform-20_2_0-update01_TA-DM update file and choose the correct Org-ID.


When running into problems during one of the steps you could check or try the following:

  • Reboot appliances
  • Check if NTP is in sync
  • Run the Job with debug output
  • Check the hal.log on the HVM appliance
  • Check the horizon-air-link on the HAL appliance
  • Check if appliances are up and running with Detect Hotfixes On DaaS Appliances


Should you install the 9.0.1 update? In my opinion, YES!! The update contains security updates but also the Microsoft Teams plug-in is now supported.

If you are still on Horizon DaaS 8.0.1 it is recommended to upgrade towards Horizon DaaS 9.01. With the Horizon Version Manager (Rundeck) appliance VMware introduced an automated way of installing the Horizon DaaS platform and Hotfixes. This makes our lives much easier. If all information is present the installation of a hotfix can be done in a matter of minutes. Even upgrades can be done in a matter of hours instead of days. Saving a lot of time.

If you have any questions about the upgrade towards Horizon DaaS 9.x feel free to leave contact me with a comment

[UPDATE 02-11-2020 16:00]

When deploying a new tenant from within the Service Center please keep in mind that the update is not installed automatically. You still need to follow the process of updating a Tenant.

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