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  • Oct 26 / 2020
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9.0.1, DaaS

Horizon DaaS 9.0.1 upgrade

This week Horizon DaaS 9.0.1 hotfix has been released. With this release, Horizon DaaS is a step closer to aligning with Horizon Cloud 20.2.0. The hotfix is available for download on My VMware. This version includes the following:

  • Enhanced installation functionality, including new automation for domain bind and compute assignment.
  • Support for Horizon Agent Installer (HAI) 20.3.
    • Adds Horizon Agent 7.13 capabilities.
    • Microsoft Teams plug-in support.
  • Security fixes for issues found in Horizon DaaS 9.0.0.
  • Deleting a virtual machine with a canceled pool expansion task failed.
  • Power operations are not supported for utility VMs.
  • Daylight Saving Time issue on Utilization Report.
  • Triple nesting in AD groups is not handled properly.
  • The API desktopmanagersbydatacenter is taking too long to respond.
  • Tenant desktop capacity quota edit failure.
  • Compute resource edit failure.

Full release notes can be found here: Horizon DaaS 9.0.x Release Notes

In this post I will explain how to install this hotfix using the HVM (Horizon Version Manager) appliance.

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