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VMware Horizon Cloud Next-Gen – Images

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VMware Horizon Cloud Next-Gen – Images

My previous blog explained the VMware Horizon Cloud Next-Gen – deployment. In this blog, I will explain which steps you need to take to Add an Image and Publish the image.

Images allows us to provide desktops and publish application to end-users in Azure. You can add images from the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Compute Gallery, or create your own Custom VM in Microsoft Azure. In this blog I will use the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Add Images

First we will need add the an image to the Horizon Universal Console. Log in to the console and select Resources. Underneath Resources you select Images.

Images console

1. Click Add you will now see Add Images wizard. Fill in the General Information, like Image Name, Description (optional) and create a, or use an existing, marker. Click Next.

Add Image – General Information

2. Image Source offers you to choose the source where the image will be added from. In this example we will choose the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Add Image – Image Source

3. In Image Details you will need to select the Site where the image will be added. The Horizon Edge and the provider.

Image Details – Destination

Underneath VM details you select the OS and version that is available in the Azure Marketplace. Choose Generation Type. Please be aware that some VMs are not available when choosing V1 or V2.

Image Details – VM details

Select the network where the VM will be connected to.

Image Details – Network

Provide the Admin Credentials for VM. The credentials will be used during the imaging operations. This account can also be used to customize the image. Check the checkbox that you have a Windows license and Click Add.

Image Details – Admin credentials for VM

The image is added and the state will be unpublished and ready for customization. The image can only be used by pools after publishing.

Image information – Unpublished

Publish image

In order to add the image to a pool we will need to publish the image. The following steps will guide you through the steps of publishing the image.

In the images menu click on the image that is Ready to publish.

Image overview

Click on the drop down menu called Unpublished and click on Publish.

Unpublished image details

The publish wizard appears.

  1. Change the VM detail to you liking. In this example I kept it default. Click Next.
Image publishing – Properties

2. Select the specific Horizon Edge or choose All Horizon Edges. In this example I only have one Horizon Edge. Click Next.

Image Publishing – Destination

3. Choose Install Horizon Agent and select the Horizon Agent Features. I kept it default in this example. Click Next.

4. In the Published Image Operations you can choose to scan for applications and if you want to validate the published image. Click Next.

Image Publishing – Published Image Operations

The publishing process will start. This can take around 10 minutes so please be patient 😉

Image details – In Progress

The status will show available once the process is done.

Image details – Available

Next steps

Once the image is published and the status is available you can use that image to create pools. In my next blog post I will explain how to create a pool.

Hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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