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  • Mar 24 / 2011
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RES WorkspaceManager 2011 causes a delay when an application is started

At this moment I am working on a project for a new workspace for medical personnel. The products we are using are Windows 2008 R2 with XenApp6 for the desktop, Windows 2003 with XenApp5 for legacy apps. The workspaces will be managed by RES WorkspaceManager.
After a basic install of Windows and XenApp we installed RES WorkspaceManager Agent. After this install the servers responded slowly. Explorer, control panel and all other windows explorer windows opened after about 15 seconds. For testing purpose we removed the RES Agent and immediately the problem was solved.
I decided to contact RES Support. They came with the following solution/KB article. Continue Reading

  • Mar 12 / 2011
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First blog


I am Niels Geursen and on this site I will be trying to blog about several IT related things. The primary blogs will be about Microsoft, Citrix and VMware and what there vision is on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastucture) and SBC (Server Based Computing).

I hope you enjoy.