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How to migrate Workspace ONE Connector

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How to migrate Workspace ONE Connector

Until Horizon DaaS 9.1.2 only Identity Manager connector could be used to access the Virtual Apps Collections however Identity Manager connector has been out of general support since 2022-08-31. As of September 27th Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 has been released (release notes). This version supports Virtual Apps Collections on Horizon DaaS 9.1.4 (released October 2022). Horizon DaaS 9.1.4 and Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 will create a supported environment again.

In this post, I will show you the steps on how to migrate from the (legacy) connector to Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09.

Migration steps.

Reset Connector Selection

In order to start the installation we will need to reset the connector selection. Log in to the Workspace ONE Access console. Select Integrations > Connectors (Legacy). Click the Reset Connector Selection and click Proceed.

On the connector usage confirmation select Latest Workspace ONE Access Connector and press OK.

Connector Usage Confirmation

Select Integration > Directories. You will see the Directory and Virtual Apps Migration wizard appear. Click Get Started.

Directorie and Virtual Apps Migration

The migration dashboard appears with 4 steps.

  1. Install the latest Workspace ONE Access connector(s)
  2. Migrate Directories
  3. Migrate Virtual Apps Collections
  4. Complete Migration

Install the latest Workspace ONE Access connector(s)

In the migration dashboard click on Get Started in step 1 of the migration.

Install Workspace ONE Access Connector(s)

The Add New Connector wizard appears. Use the link Go To MyVMware.com to download the Workspace ONE Access connector installer software. Once downloaded click Next.

Download Installer

You will now need to download the Configuration File. The file is named es-config.json by default. You need to create a password of at least 14 characters and must contain one number, one uppercase, and one special character.

Download Config File

NOTE!!! Once the files are downloaded copy them towards the new connector server in a local folder (e.g. C:\Install). This must be done with the certificates as well. When installing from an UNC path the installation of the connector will complete but the services will fail.

Log in to the Windows Connector Server. Double click the Workspace ONE Access connector installer.

The installer is started, click Next.

Installer Welcome

Accept the agreement and click Next.

Installer License Agreement

Select the services that need to be installed and click Next.

Installer Service Selection

Select the Config File you downloaded previously and enter the Password and click Next.

Installer Configuration File

In this example I choose the Custom installation because I want to provide my own certificate and Click Next.

Installer Default or Custom

On the next 3 steps I choose the default settings.

Installer Enable Proxy
Installer Enable Syslog
Installer Citrix Configuration

Install the Trusted Root Certificate by uploading the Certificate and Click Next.

Installer Upload Trusted Root Certificate

I choose for a self signed SSL Certificate for the Kerberos Auth Service. Click Next.

Installer SSL Cert for Kerberos

Specify the Service Account and Password and click Next.

Installer Service Account

On the Ready to Install step you will see the summary of the configuration. Double check and click Install.

Installer Ready to Install

The installation starts and once finished it will show you the Installation Wizard Completed window click Finish.

Installer Wizard Completed

Double check if all Workspace ONE Access connector services are running.

Migrate directories

Go back to the Migration Dashboard in the Workspace ONE Access console and go to Integration > Directories. We will now start with Step 2 of the migration. Under Migrate Directories click Migrate.

Migrate Directories

The Migrate Directories wizard show. Provide the Bind User Password and select Host(s) to use during the sync. Click Next.


Select the Source Connector, provide the Bind User DN, the Bind Password en select the User Auth Host(s). Click Next.

Migrate Directory

Double check the settings in the Summary and click Save.


Migrate Virtual Apps Collections

We will now start with Step 3 of the migration. Under Migrate Virtual Apps Collections click Migrate.

Migrate Virtual Apps Collections

Select a connector for each Virtual Apps Collection. Click Save.

Migrate Virtual Apps Collection


At this moment the new connector services are in Preview Mode. Directory Sync and User Auth is performed by the new connector services. Click on Complete to finish the migration.

Complete Migration

Complete Migration

Strange thing on my environment I had to click Start Preview to complete the migration.

Complete Migration Start Preview

A confirmation windows appears. Click Continue if you don’t want to rollback to the old legacy connector.



The whole migration process is from the legacy Workspace ONE Access connector towards the new Workspace ONE Access connector is very straight forward if you use the migration dashboard in the Workspace ONE Access console.
If you are still on the legacy connector because of the Virtual Apps Collection, I would recommend migrating towards the latest connector to get back in general support.
I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions or comments please let me know with a comment.



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