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Customize Vmware Horizon DaaS User portal

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Customize Vmware Horizon DaaS User portal

Customizing the Horizon DaaS User portal with a custom logo is not an easy job. Below you will find the instruction to change the default logo and background for a custom one.


For the best results use a logo with the following size: A max-width of 236px and a max-height of 111px
The image format should be: PNG


  • Copy the logo with WinSCP towards the Service Provider Appliance in /Data/TMP
  • Copy the logo from the Service Provider Appliance with the command:
scp /data/tmp/logo.png desktone@<Appliance IP>:/data/tmp/logo.png
  • SSH into the tenant appliance.
  • Go to: /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons
  • Make a backup of the Logo.png
  • Copy the Logo.png towards the correct location:
cp /data/tmp/logo.png /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons/logo.png

Repeat this for the secondary and/or other appliances in this tenant

Background image

For the background image use the same steps as above for the bg_image.jpg

Side note

! Please remember to take a snapshot before changing anything on the appliances.
!! Changes to the logo and background can be reset by future updates of the Horizon DaaS platform.

Horizon DaaS 9.0.0

With the release of Horizon DaaS 9.0.0 customizing the User Portal is still possible. Compared to Horizon DaaS 8.0.1 a few small things has been changed. The location of the images and the logo size is different. See below the changes.

Image Location:


Logo resolution:

Max Width: 181 px
Max Height: 105 px

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