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Customize Vmware Horizon DaaS User portal

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Customize Vmware Horizon DaaS User portal

Customizing the Horizon DaaS User portal with a custom logo is not an easy job. Below you will find the instruction to change the default logo and background for a custom one.


For the best results use a logo with the following size: A max-width of 236px and a max-height of 111px
The image format should be: PNG


  • Copy the logo with WinSCP towards the Service Provider Appliance in /Data/TMP
  • Copy the logo from the Service Provider Appliance with the command:
scp /data/tmp/logo.png desktone@<Appliance IP>:/data/tmp/logo.png
  • SSH into the tenant appliance.
  • Go to: /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons
  • Make a backup of the Logo.png
  • Copy the Logo.png towards the correct location:
cp /data/tmp/logo.png /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons/logo.png

Repeat this for the secondary and/or other appliances in this tenant

Background image

For the background image use the same steps as above for the bg_image.jpg

Side note

! Please remember to take a snapshot before changing anything on the appliances.
!! Changes to the logo and background can be reset by future updates of the Horizon DaaS platform.

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