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Automation Machine 2014 – AM2014

  • Oct 16 / 2014
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Automation Machine

Automation Machine 2014 – AM2014

In one of my previous posts I mention Automation Machine for hosted desktops. A few months ago Automation Machine launched a new version. In the next paragraph you can read more about AutomationMachine 2014.

Automation Machine is a powerful tool that automates the deployment and management of dynamic Windows infrastructures on-premise or in the cloud. It allows IT administrators to quickly deploy large server farms with identical configurations and apply changes with the highest quality possible. It has been built by IT experts of Login Consultants and is based on real life scenarios in large scale server deployments at large international organizations as well as mid-sized organizations. Thousands and thousands of servers have been deployed and managed by Automation Machine over the last 10 years where it has proven itself to enable extreme cost savings and quality improvements. The magic happens at the heart of the system where the knowledge and experience of more than 150 experts is embedded. Automation Machine is used to manage and automate:

  • Software deployment
  • On-demand system configuration
  • System and application hardening
  • Fast creation of operating system images including applications and configurations
  • Instant creation and maintenance of test and (user) acceptance environments
  • Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDS application publication and farm creation
  • User environments and profiles on virtual desktop environments

Automation Machine is based on industry standards, making it easy to integrate and use in any IT environment. The lightweight architecture allows to implement it in your environment without affecting the current processes or tools.

For more information go to: http://getautomationmachine.com

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