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Customize Horizon DaaS User portal

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Customize Horizon DaaS User portal

During the installation of the VMware Horizon DaaS environment we often are getting the question if it is possible to customize the User portal. Because VMware Horizon DaaS consists of Linux based appliances the customization is not that straight forward. Below I will explain how you can customize the Logo and the Background image.


  • Logo with the following size: Width 236px and height 111px or smaller
  • Image format: PNG
  • Tool like WinSCP and Putty

Steps portal logo:

In these steps we will customize the logo of the User portal.

To get the logo onto the Service Provider appliance we need to use WinSCP.

1. Copy the logo with WinSCP towards the service provider appliance in the directory: /data/tmp

Because we are customizing the User Portal the logo must be copied to the tenanat appliance of the specific customer.

2. Copy the logo from the service provider appliance towards the tenant appliance with the following command:

scp /data/tmp/logo.png desktone@<Appliance IP>:/data/tmp/logo.png

3. SSH into the tenant appliance with the following command:

ssh <Appliance IP>

4. Go the location /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons with the command:

cd  /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons

5. Create a copy of the original logo.png with the command:

cp logo.png logo.png.bak

6. Copy the custom logo from /data/tmp towards the icons location with the following command:

cp /data/tmp/logo.png /usr/local/desktone/release/dt-platform-8_0_0/deploy/dt-tenant-node-8.0.0-bin/appblast/webclient/resources/icons/logo.png

7. Do not forget to repeat this on the secondary tenant appliance.

Steps backgroud image

For the background image the same process as above can be used however the instead of the logo.png use the bg_image.jpg.


  1. Please make sure that you always create a back-up of the files you are overwriting.
  2. Use SUDO in front of the commands when you are getting an access denied message.


It is quit easy to customize the logo and background if you have some Linux knowledge. I hope this is helpful and if you have some questions please let me know by leaving a comment.

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