Citrix Receiver – Security Warning

When you start a Citrix Session and open an explorer window the following message appears.
Citrix Receiver – Security Warning.

This message is caused by the Citrix Receiver. The Receiver is trying map the local drives and is trying to access them.
In case of a writable profile this is not a big issue. If you choose to Permit all access the settings are saved in the registry thus in the profile. When working with mandatory profiles these setting will not be preserved. Also in a ThinClient environment this behavior is not wanted. Because this will generate some helpdesk calls.

After some searching on the internet en in the registry I came to the following solution.
In the registry under the key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\ICA Client\Client Selective Trust” you will find a number of UID’s. Underneath this UID’s you will find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\..\..\..\..\\IcaAuthorizationDecision\FileSecurityPermission and the default value will be set to “3”. This value will generate the Warning message. Change this value to “2” and Permit all Access will be set. At the Citrix Support Site I found this explanation for the registry value.
Access Values: 0 = No Access 1 = Read Only Access 2 = Full Access 3 = Prompt User for Access.

The above settings can also be done for.

  • Microphone And Webcam Security Permission
  • Scanner And Digital Camera Security Permission
  • Pda Security Permission